About CSAV China
Companía Sudamericana de Vapores (CSAV), founded in 1872, is a Chilean publicly traded shipping company, presently the largest shipping company in Latin America and one of the oldest shipping companies in the world. CSAV has extended the shipping service to 56 countries all over the world, including South America, United States, Europe, Far East and South East Asia Pacific. Nowadays it features a comprehensive service for general cargo, bulk cargo, fresh and frozen products and vehicles. The company’s philosophy is mainly directed to the attainment of a top quality service for its customers, providing timely and efficient measures to assist them in improving their foreign trade operations, offering all its shipping facilities, technology and services, and ensuring the reliable transportation of their products to and from all the main areas of the world.
CSAV Group Agencies China Company, headquartered in Shanghai, employs over500 people in the Greater China Region. Currently, we have 3 legal entities,1 logistics company, 7 branches and 3 representative offices across this region.